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Phone System

There are no phone lines - your number will never be busy again.

mobile numbers

Make and receive calls via the internet, get SMS to email for just $7.95* per month

1300 / 1800

A professional image does not have to be expensive. Get a 1300 / 1800 number for your business today!

Travel eSIMs

Tired of crazy roaming fees and sketchy connections? keeping you connected wherever you wander

Crytal clear calls... Flexible call management... Softphone Mobile App... Travel eSIMs...
Crytal clear calls... Flexible call management... Softphone Mobile App... Travel eSIMs...

At Platinum Telecom, we are passionate about providing businesses with innovative and reliable communication solutions.

At Platinum Telecom, we’re all about helping your business stay connected and thrive. We specialize in VoIP phones, internet services, and now, travel eSIM products, making communication seamless no matter where you are.

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we tailor our services to fit your specific needs. Our VoIP phone systems are loaded with features like CRM integrations, webphone capabilities, and call monitoring, so you can manage your communications effortlessly.

Pair that with our reliable, business-grade NBN internet services, and you’ve got everything you need to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you’re enhancing customer experiences or driving growth, Platinum Telecom is here to support you every step of the way.

Australian VoIP provider with 99.9% SLA guaranteed uptime.

Platinum Telecom is one of the few Australian VoIP Providers specialising in business VoIP.
We understand how important it is to our customers to have a rock solid system. Reliability is not just words with Platinum Telecom. All our systems are fully redundant and uptime is constantly monitored.

We offer a range of cutting-edge solutions to meet your communication needs.

Internet Services

Business grade NBN with
24/7 support & 12hrs eSLA & Residential plans

At Platinum Telecom, we know that fast and reliable internet is essential, whether you’re running a business or enjoying the comforts of home. That’s why we offer exceptional internet services tailored to both business and residential needs.

Our business-grade NBN internet services ensure your company stays connected with high-speed, reliable internet, so you can focus on what you do best. For our residential customers, we provide seamless, fast internet that keeps your household running smoothly, whether you’re working from home, streaming your favorite shows, or staying in touch with loved ones. Plus, we offer a unique approach with free on-site installation to get you up and running without any hassle.

No matter your internet needs, Platinum Telecom is here to provide you with the best service and support, ensuring you stay connected effortlessly.

VoIP phone services

Australian VoIP provider with
99.9% SLA guaranteed uptime

Our hosted PBX solutions deliver unparalleled flexibility and productivity. Benefit from features like CRM integrations with popular platforms such as HubSpot, Zoho, and Zendesk. Seamlessly connect with your customers using our webphone, which enables you to make and receive calls directly from your browser. Take advantage of real-time call monitoring, call queue management, call recording, and more. With Platinum Telecom, you’ll have the tools to enhance your business communication and streamline operations.

Roaming Travel eSIMs

Stay Connected Anywhere with Platinum Telecom’s Roaming Travel eSIMs

Traveling just got easier with Platinum Telecom’s Roaming Travel eSIMs! Stay connected effortlessly wherever your adventures take you.

Our travel eSIMs are designed to give you reliable, high-speed data without the hassle of changing physical SIM cards. Just activate your eSIM and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple!

Worried about coverage? Don’t be! Our eSIMs work in multiple countries, ensuring you stay connected whether you’re exploring bustling cities or relaxing on a remote beach. Plus, we stand by our service with a 100% money-back guarantee if the eSIM doesn’t work and is unused.

Unlike other eSIM providers, Platinum Telecom specialises in telecommunications, giving us the expertise to support your eSIM needs better than anyone else. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have reliable support wherever you go.

How does it work?


Phone number

There are no phone lines, your number will never be busy again! Number porting supported. Keep your existing phone number wherever you go.


User licence

Our pricing structure is based on the number of people using a hosted phone system. This allows users to have multiple devices like their Desk Phone, Smartphone and PC all linked to the same number


Call plan

We offer various call plans, from basic timed call plans to fully unlimited. Our call plans allow users to make outbound calls at the rates defined in the plan. You can choose different call plans for different users in the system.

Self Managed Portal

Our system allows you to make changes yourself via the management portal.

Easy to use, drag & drop interface. Alternatively, we are there to support you and your business. We will take care of everything from setting up your call flow & voicemails to installating your phones.

Asked Questions

Why should I switch to VoIP?

VoIP stands for the Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows for transmission between voice and video via the web, including wired and wireless methods. If you are using a landline for your business, you should consider switching to VoIP for the following reasons:


  • Cost-effective
    In comparison to landline providers, VoIP offers competitive prices due to the ready internet infrastructure. VoIP provides the same quality of calls whilst delivering additional features at a lower cost, proving to be advantageous.
  • Easy to scale
    As your company grows, the need for devices and connections grow. With VoIP, this is easily accessible with a couple of clicks. In comparison, landline providers require lines to be laid physically, increasing time and expenditure.
  • Added features
    What can you do with landline telephony? Only calls and faxes. Switching over to VoIP, you will gain additional features such as advanced call reports, integration of third-party services, smart routing, call recordings and more.
What is Cloud-Hosted PBX?

Cloud-Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the next generation of the classical PBX. Built on VoIP technology and operating not locally but via the internet. Cloud-hosted PBX can be used with VoIP-ready phones and specific programs commonly known as soft-phones. Aside from making and receiving calls via the web, you will gain access to additional features such as advanced call reports, integration with third-party services, smart routing, real-time monitoring, voicemail to email and more.

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

Microsoft Teams direct routing allows you to make and accept calls from external numbers within the Teams app. The combination of modern VoIP systems and advanced tools with Microsoft 365, our clients receive an unprecedented opportunity to increase productivity.

What are the 1300 and 1800 numbers?

The owner of the 1800 number, also known as Toll-free numbers, will be responsible for paying the cost of the inbound call. However, the call is free of charge for the caller. As for 1300 numbers, the call rate is shared between the owner of the 1300 number and the caller. The owner is charged as per inbound call rates and the caller is charged the rate set by their service provider. In most cases, this is equivalent to the cost of a local call.

My business relies on phones being available at all times. Can you guarantee that my phones will always work?

We guarantee 99.9% SLA backed uptime on all our systems. All parts of the hosted PBX are fully redundant, meaning that there is no single point of failure. We use an independent monitoring company called to monitor our server uptime.

How does hosted PBX quality compare to traditional phone lines?

Traditional phone lines are using G.711 codec, while hosted PBX can support codecs up to G.722. The difference between them is that G.722 uses a wider speech bandwidth of 50–7000 Hz compared to 300–3400 Hz of G.711 which allows to achieve HD quality of calls.

What happens if my Internet goes down?

We have multiple solutions that can make sure you can continue to receive calls even when your Internet goes down. For example, you can have calls diverted to your mobile phone if you are offline, this way you can continue to receive calls without any Internet connection.

How fast Internet connection is needed for good Hosted PBX operation?

You only need a tiny amount of bandwidth (connection speed) in order to use hosted PBX effectively. Each channel (one call) requires only 80Kbps (0.08 Mbps), or using compressed codec even smaller – 0.03 Mbps. So even with 24 Mbps Internet speed it will be able to perform at least 300 simultaneous calls. However, quality of calls will highly depend on the reliability of your internet connection, so it does not have to be very fast but it must be reliable and stable.

Can I use my active phone number with hosted PBX?

Yes, sure. You don’t have to buy a new phone number and lose your active number when switching to a new hosted PBX provider. Almost all Australian telephone numbers can be seamlessly ported into our system and be used without any restrictions. Also, any Australian number that we provide or that was ported into our service can be ported out to another provider as long as that provider is willing to take on the number.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

At Platinum Telecom, we’re so confident in the quality of our services that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, within the first 30 days, you find yourself unsatisfied with the call quality or any aspect of our service, we’re more than happy to assist you in porting out to a different provider. What’s more, we’ll even take back the equipment at no cost to you. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand by our commitment to delivering top-tier telecom solutions tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Us

FeaturesPlatinum TelecomBig Telcos
100% Australian based supportYesNo
Advanced phone featuresYes over 40 featuresYes limited to basic features
CRM integrationYesNo
Local support availableYes we come to you (Australia wide)Only in store
GuaranteeYes 30 days money back guaranteeNo

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Damien was very efficient, thorough & transparent with the whole process, definitely recommend!



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Good service and easy to deal with.



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Great Service friendly and informative When service is important and fed up with the large telecom companies this is a superior option