1800 Numbers

$6.95 per month | 6c per minute

Want a personalised 1800 number?

Phoneword numbers, also known as Smart numbers are custom 1800 telephone numbers purchased from ACMA’s numbering system. Smart numbers can include phone words like 1800 VOIPLINE (1800 864754 – The last letters will be discarded when dialed) and distinctive patterned numbers such as 1800 222 222.

A smart number can make it easier for people to remember your business, especially if your phone word complements your marketing strategy.

Once you have your smart number, we can activate this on our platform for exactly the same rate as any other 1800 number.


Location-Based Routing

Automated call distribution based on geographic location, including MOLI (Mobile Origin Location Indicator)

Business grade

Quality VoIP services

At Platinum Telecom we have an in-house software development team and we own our infrastructure, co-located locally throughout Australia. We use direct interconnections with Tier 1 carriers in Australia and by aggregating all call volumes via our Tier 1 upstream carriers we can deliver you significant savings on call termination and origination.

Our hosted PBX platform supports high definition calls using G722 HD audio codecs, delivering our customers crystal-clear voice calls. Your business does not need to compromise on call quality or reliability.

Call routing features that make communication easy

Included at no extra cost. Drag & Drop web portal for easy call flow management

Advanced call analytics

Call queue wallboard

Queue call-back

IVR menu

Simultaneous ring to mobiles

Voicemail to email

Caller ID routing

Time based routing

Music on hold

Asked Questions

What is the difference between 1300 and 1800 numbers?

Clients can reach your business at the cost of a local call from anywhere within the country on a 1300 number or completely free of charge on a 1800 number.

A 1300 or 1800 number can be kept for the life of your business, regardless of what Telco you use. Even if you move to a different provider, a number still will be yours — whereby your regular customers and partners can always get through to you.

How much do 1800 numbers cost to call?

Yes, this is the main feature: clients can reach your business completely free of charge on a 1800 number.

Can I port my existing 1800 number?

Yes, sure. You don’t have to buy a new 1800 number and lose your active number when switching to a new VoIP provider. Also, any 1800 number that we provide or that was ported into our service can be ported out to another provider as long as that provider is willing to take on the number.

How many 1800 numbers can I have?

As many as you wish, there are no any restrictions.

Can I personalise my 1800 number?

Phonewords or smart numbers are 1800 numbers with digits that could be translated into a text.

What if I don't use the 1800 number. Do I have to pay?

Unfortunately, yes. This is regulated by ACMA and Australian government. Being telecommunications provider we also have to pay monthly fees for 1800 number services and hence we cannot make it free of charge. Simple rule is: if you want to keep the number, you have to pay for it each and every month.