Open Integration System

Thanks to direct integration with various web applications, CRM systems and services as well availability of API and webhooks, you can automate your business workflow and improve productivity. For example, you can see customer information from the CRM during a call or send a webhook to the server when a call flow event occurs.

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Simple Pricing

All integration features are activated via a single subscription. The price is dynamic and is calculated based on the number of PBX users that are added to the account. The cost of integration for one user is $4.40. For example, if you have 7 users, the monthly cost of the integration will be $30.8 ($4.40 * 7).

Asked Questions

Can I pay for the integration licence on a per user basis, only for those users that require this feature?

Some of the features we offer via open integration policy work on the entire account only and cannot be linked to any particular user. This is why we are unable to offer a pricing model with ability to select specific users that require integration service.

If I delete some users from my account, will the price of the integration subscription change?

The monthly cost of integrations is dynamic: if you delete or add users to your account, the cost of the integration subscription will be automatically recalculated.

Can I pay for just one or several integrations?

The subscription includes the entire range of integration options.

What is the difference between the PBX API and Webhook objects and the API/Webhooks tab?

API/Webhooks tab works at the account level: you can configure triggers and get webhooks from all calls that match the specified criteria. In turn, PBX objects such as APIs or Webhooks can only be used for specific call flow scenarios — they allow you to select particular point in the call flow as a trigger.

Can CRM Integrations be used with third-party softphones?

CRM integrations only work in the User portal and Webphone.