Education phone system

Next-Level Communication for Education

Tailor-Made Phone Solutions for Education

In the educational sector, connecting staff, students, and parents is essential for success. Our cloud phone system offers features like mass notification for emergencies via loud speakers, direct lines for teachers, and integration with administrative systems via Zapier. These features support a safe and connected educational environment, facilitating seamless communication for announcements, parent-teacher meetings, and daily operations. 

Key Features for Education



Our phone system integrates with a selection of school management system via Zapier and Webhook. We also have a Hubspot CRM integration allowing you to have a file opened as soon as a call comes through.



Configure virtual conference rooms with unlimited number of participants to collaborate via a voice call. connect your dial-in number with a pin for security to organise a dial-in conference. alternatively call each participant and transfer to a conference room using internal number. record the conference and add join and exit notifications.


Call recordings

Have your call recordings start once the inbound or outbound begins. Every recording will include caller id, time of the call, user id and custom subject field. Connect to your crm to be automatically added to client profiles or store within a custom recording’s mailbox for compliance for years to come.