Hospitality phone system

Serving up crystal clear calls. The phone system that knows Hospitality

Tailor-Made Phone Solutions for Hospitality

In hospitality, every guest interaction matters. Our VoIP phone system enhances guest experiences in hotels and restaurants by offering features like direct room dialing, seamless reservations, and efficient order management. With easy scalability, our system grows with your business, ensuring that high seasons or special events are handled with ease. Make every guest feel special with personalised communication that stands out.

Key Features for Hospitality


Call Queues

Ideal for busy venues. When you are unable to pick up a call immediately the call can be placed in a queue with your customised music on hold. Users can answer the calls when they become available. configure a range of metrics for timeout clauses, exit codes, periodic announcements and wrap up times.


Time Conditions


Don't want to receive calls during the rush? Route calls based on time, day, month, year. Create complex patterns combining various time conditions. Configure how calls are handled after hours, during weekends or public holidays for example.


Call recordings

Don't argue about special guest requests anymore! Have your call recordings start once the inbound or outbound begins. Every recording will include caller id, time of the call, user id and custom subject field. Connect to your crm to be automatically added to client profiles or store within a custom recording’s mailbox for compliance for years to come.