Retail phone system

Enhancing Retail with Smart Phone Solutions

The Phone System For Every Retail Stores

In retail, customer service and operational efficiency are paramount. Our cloud phone system boosts these areas with features like call queuing for customer support, easy scalability for peak shopping periods, and integration with CRM systems for personalised service. Enhance the shopping experience with a phone system that keeps your team connected and you

Key Features for Retail


Call Queues

Ideal for busy medical centres. When you are unable to pick up a call immediately the call can be placed in a queue with your customised music on hold or advertising announcement. Users can answer the calls when they become available. configure a range of metrics for timeout clauses, exit codes, periodic announcements and wrap up times.


Time conditions

Route calls based on time, day, month, year. create complex patterns combining various time conditions. configure how calls are handled after hours, during weekends for example.


Web callback

With web callback, your website visitors can contact you via a special widget with ease. The visitor only needs to enter a phone number and click 'Call me' and the system will immediately dial this number.