Virtual Mobile Numbers

Make and receive calls via the internet using a virtual mobile number, get SMS to email for just $7.95* per month

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Features & Benefits of Virtual Mobile Numbers

Give customers a personalised service experience by sharing a mobile number with them.

According to statistics, people are more likely to answer calls if they are coming from mobile compared to a landline.

Virtual mobile numbers can receive multiple simultaneous inbound calls. You can configure inbound calls to be routed to different agents using our PBX tools; ring groups, caller ID based routing, time conditions - routing based on the time of day, and more.

Receive companywide inbound SMS to email with policy-based access.

Deliver voicemails to business email addresses using our voicemail to email feature.

Deliver voicemails to business email addresses using our voicemail to email feature.

You can configure call diversion and our simultaneous ring feature for your virtual mobile number. Using one number, several mobile phones can ring at the same time.

Real-time reporting on call distribution, missed calls, user performance statistics, and more.

A perfect solution for small businesses who want to keep taking calls on their existing mobile number. Even when their call volumes increase and a single mobile device is no longer enough to handle all customer enquiries.

Asked Questions

What is a virtual mobile number?

A virtual mobile number is the same as a common mobile number, the only difference being that you don’t need a physical SIM card to use it. This peculiarity allows you to use a virtual mobile number on any device where you can make and receive calls, not just smartphones. Also, because the virtual mobile number uses VoIP technology, users have access to incredible additional features that SIM mobile number owners can’t even dream of.

Why do I need an Australian virtual mobile number?

According to recent surveys, Australian customers prefer to answer and make calls to mobile numbers more than to landline numbers. Best of all, you don’t need a physical SIM card to use a virtual Australian mobile number: with Platinum Telecom’s PBX, you can use virtual mobile numbers on smartphones via softphone as well as on computers and VoIP phones. Moreover, you’ll have access to tools such as call recording, voice menu, voicemail to email and a dozen of other smart features.

How many Australian virtual mobile numbers can I have?

As much as you want or need. The best part is that there are no restrictions for connection of numbers to devices. While with a SIM mobile number the rule is: one number, one device; with VoIP you can connect many virtual mobile numbers to one device or distribute them to a whole group of agents for easy management of sales channels.

Can I bring my existing Australian virtual mobile number from a different provider?

Yes, of course. If you would like to transfer your existing virtual mobile number from another provider to Platinum Telecom, we are happy to help you. The porting takes no longer than 3 business days and the process can be conveniently tracked from the customer portal.